97 53 14 | Self-Adjusting Crimping Pliers (Hex Crimp) | Multi-Component Handle | Burnished Head - 180mm

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Product Description

97 53 14 Self-Adjusting Crimping Pliers for wire ferrules
narrow handle width and improved ergonomics. For crimping wire ferrules according to DIN 46228 parts 1 + 4. Self-adjustment to the size of wire ferrules required. Repetitive, high crimping quality due to integral lock (self-releasing mechanism). Tools have been set precisely (calibrated) in the factory. Optimum transmission of force thanks to toggle lever for fatigue-reduced operation. Handy shape and low weight provide high operation comfort. Expanded capacity of hexagonal crimping up to 10 mm². hexagonal compression for confined connection dimensions. suitable in particular for all twin wire ferrules up to 2 x 4 mm² or 2 x AWG 12.
  • Applications: Wire ferrules
  • Capacity in square millimetres: 0.08-10 mm²
  • Number of crimping positions: 1
  • AWG: 28-8
  • Technical attributes

     Length:180 mm
     Width:75 mm
     Height:21 mm
     Weight:445 g


    Detailed description

    Automatically crimp end sleeves of between 0.08 mm2 and 10.0 mm2 correctly

    Crimping errors are almost impossible –the right profile size automatically

    For reasons of design, it was a challenge to cover the wide capacity range of 0.08 to 10.0 mm2 using just one pair of crimping pliers. The crimping is easily carried out by the user and the result is technically sophisticated: the hexagonal profile of the crimped end sleeves (ferrules) and cable is particularly suitable where connection dimensions are tight. Knipex has applied for a patent for the design and the operation of these crimping pliers.

    Crimping of end sleeves (ferrules): self-adjusting and of course accurate

    Accurate work is called for when crimping end sleeves (ferrules). Adjustment to the desired size of the end sleeves is automatic with the Knipex 97 53 14 crimping pliers. The user does not need to measure manual force when crimping because the integral lock with release mechanism ensures that the right amount of pressure automatically reaches the end sleeve. The pliers are optimally set (calibrated) in the factory.

    Hand-friendly work, also with large conductor cross-sections up to 10 mm2

    The transmission ratio of these crimping pliers has been well-designed and is therefore hand-friendly; it provides a comfortable grip width. A toggle lever effectively supports manual force. This enables conductors with large cross-sections to be assembled well even in the case of extensive instalations – also with twin end sleeves (ferrules) up to 2 x 4 mm2 or 2 x AWG 10. The conductors are reliably connected to the end sleeves using a square profile – in all designated sizes.

    Crimping pliers from Knipex: quality from universal through to special pliers

    Knipex offers an extensive range of quality universal and special pliers for crimping. Those who use tools a lot and professionally every day expect a quality that permits simple and safe work and which lasts for many years of hard use.

    We manufacture our tools from quality materials, machine them with high precision on modern machinery and harden them with careful multiple stage heat treatment.

    Every pair of Knipex pliers represents more than 130 years of specialist know-how.

    Short overview

    • Self-adjusting crimping pliers with large capacity range
    • Hexagonal compression with a capacity expansion of up to 10 mm2
    • For crimping end sleeves (ferrules) in accordance with DIN 46228 Parts 1 + 4
    • Suitable for all twin end sleeves (ferrules) up to 2 x 4 mm2 or 2 x AWG 10
    • Feeding from the side
    • Adjust automatically to the desired size of end sleeve
    • Consistent crimping pressure due to integral lock (with release mechanism)
    • Crimping pressure calibrated in the factory
    • Manufactured from high-grade chrome vanadium electric steel, oil-hardened
    • Weight 404 g
    • With multi-component grips

    Adjust automatically to the desired size of end sleeve.

    For crimping end sleeves (ferrules) in accordance with DIN 46228 Parts 1 + 4.

    Consistently high crimp quality due to integral lock with release mechanism.

    Hexagonal compression for tight connection dimensions.

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