97 53 09 | Self-Adjusting Front-Loading Crimping Pliers (Square Crimp) | Multi-Component Handle | Burnished Head - 190mm

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97 53 09 Self-Adjusting Crimping Pliers for wire ferrules
For crimping wire ferrules according to DIN 46228 parts 1 + 4. Self-adjusting adaptation to the desired wire ferrule size: no wrong crimps caused by using the wrong die. Frontal insertion of the wire ferrules into the pliers. Repetitive, high crimping quality due to integral lock (self-releasing mechanism). Tools have been set precisely (calibrated) in the factory. Optimum transmission of force thanks to toggle lever for fatigue-reduced operation. Handy shape and low weight provide high operation comfort. compression from 0.08 - 10.0 and 16.0 mm² in one profile. with selector lever for setting the crimping area either to 0.08 - 10 mm² or 16 mm². also suitable for twin wire ferrules up to 2 x 10 mm², but smaller than Ø 6.6 mm (e.g. KNIPEX art. no. 97 99 377).
  • Applications: Wire ferrules
  • Capacity in square millimetres: 0.08-10/ 16 mm²
  • Number of crimping positions: 1
  • AWG: 28-6
  • Technical attributes

     Length:190 mm
     Width:20 mm
     Height:23 mm
     Weight:486 g


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