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An International team of pliers’ specialists supporting the Middle East region.

 Since 1882, KNIPEX has focused on making the best performing pliers at our factory in Wuppertal, Germany. An uncompromising focus on quality, continuous innovation, and exceptional customer service made us the leading manufacturer of professional hand tools.

 In 2011, KNIPEX Tools Middle East FZE was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to serve the growing demand from customers in the Middle East.

A team of 7 pliers specialists, we support our distributors and customers in the region with technical sales support, training, product recommendations and stock direct to the region.

Due to the synergies and shared values of neighboring manufacturers in Germany, KNIPEX Tools and these brands have always complimented each other in terms of brand recognition and manufacturing quality, so it is a pleasure for us to proudly represent these befriended companies across the region. 

The brands we support include the following:

Wera Tools, Rennsteig Tools, Martor, Orbis Will, Picard & PARAT.