90 22 10 BK | BiX® Plastic Pipe Cutter (20-50mm Capacity)

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90 22 10 BK KNIPEX BiX®
Clever pipe cutter: Cuts pipes without shavings and fits comfortably in the hand. Can cut high-temperature plastic drain pipes and electrical conduits in next to no time. Can be used to cut sealing sleeves during final assembly – close to the wall, standard-compliant. Cuts unreinforced plastic pipes from Ø 20 to 50 mm with a wall thickness of up to 2.4 mm. Cuts pipes quickly, cleanly and without shavings. Cuts sealing sleeves approx. 2-3 mm from the wall. Rotatable knife block for cutting plastic pipes (blade in the middle) and sealing sleeves (blade outside). With locking mechanism for safe transport. Two spare blades integrated in the tool.
  • : Ø 20-50 mm
  • : Ø 20-50 mm
  • Technical attributes

     Length:72 mm
     Width:50 mm
     Height:40 mm
     Weight:128 g


    Detailed description

    Short overview

    • Small and light: 72 mm long and a weight of 108 g
    • Flexible cutting results for HT and plastic pipes as well as drip/sealing sleeves: Ø 20 - 50 mm
    • Cuts through thick pipes: Up to 2.4 mm wall thickness
    • Cuts drip and sealing sleeves: at a distance of approx. 2-3 mm from the wall
    • Robust: Tool made of sturdy, reinforced plastic with a blade unit made of die-cast zinc
    • Sharp: Blades made of special surgical stainless steel - Made in Solingen (2 spare blades included)

    KNIPEX BiX: New cutting tool for plastic pipes as well as drip sleeves and sealing sleeves

    With variable blade unit and sharp blades

    The unique all-rounder Knipex BiX (90 22 10 BK) with rotating blade unit can separate both: Unreinforced plastic pipes (for example empty pipes for electrical or HT pipes for plumbing) as well as standard-compliant drip sleeves and sealing sleeves. It is flexible: The BiX adapts variably to pipe/sleeve diameters between 20 and 50 mm and cuts through wall thicknesses of up to 2.4 mm. In addition, weighing just 108 g light and measuring just 72 mm in length, the small Knipex BiX is compact and ergonomic enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and to allow you to work in confined working conditions. The cutting tool is made of sturdy, reinforced plastic, the blade unit is made of die-cast zinc, and the blades (made in Solingen) are made of special surgical stainless steel.

    Cuts pipes quickly and without shavings in next to no time

    Knipex BiX cuts pipes quickly - markings help you find the exact cutting position. By applying slight pressure with the first turn a guide line is created for the cutter to follow. A further turn with a slightly higher pressure is often enough to separate the material. The cut off section remains in the tool and does not fall down. In addition, there are no shavings.

    Standard-compliant results: BiX cuts sealing sleeves just as it should

    The Knipex BiX also works as a cutting tool for drip sleeves and sealing sleeves. It cuts the sleeves quickly and easily - in accordance with DIN 18534 at a distance of approx. 2-3 mm from the wall. Already standard in Germany, sealing sleeves help keep walls dry: They prevent water from penetrating the wall and conduct moisture away from the wall due to possible leaks in water connections.

    BiX with rotating blade unit: The easy way to cut plastic pipes as well as drip and sealing sleeves

    Variable Blade Unit - The blade unit can be turned by 180 degrees if required. When inserted in the centre, the blade can be used to cut pipes to length, ‎while the outside position is for cutting drip and sealing sleeves close to the wall.

    Stay Safe During Transport - The blue latch enables the folded KNIPEX BiX to be securely locked for transport without the risk of injury.

    Cutting Pipes Quickly - Plastic pipes can be cut in next to no time. The cut face is clean and practically burr-free; cut sections remain inside the tool.

    The Easy Way To Cut Drip And Sealing Sleeves - The unique design of the rotating blade unit means that sealing sleeves can be reliably cut 2 to 3 mm from the wall according to standard, so that moisture can be safely drawn away.

    Quick Change - A screwdriver can be used to loosen, turn and retighten the blade unit in just a few seconds.

    Spare Blades On Board

    Complete Equipment - The delivery includes the honeycomb-reinforced tool itself, the blade unit and high-quality spare blades made of special surgical stainless steel.

    Compact And Lightweight At 108 g - Due to its small size, the Knipex BiX can be carried anywhere, even in a pocket.

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