90 22 02 SB | TwistCut® Corrugated Pipe Cutter w/ Wire Stripping (13-32mm Capacity)

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90 22 02 SB KNIPEX TwistCut®
For the reliable and fast cutting of many plastic corrugated pipes with the universal capacity range from Ø 13 to 32 mm. for corrugated plastic pipes with ridge widths of up to 2.7 mm. No damage to the internal cables or pipes. Separate even softer, flexible plastic corrugated pipes: Apply little pressure on the TwistCut® when cutting to avoid the corrugated pipe to be deformed. Simple insertion, reliable and easy cutting without waste. Precise cut without damage thanks to unique arrangement of the cutters with side guide. Good accessibility thanks to slim design. With stripping blades for cross-sections 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.8 / 1.5 / 2.5 / 4.0 mm². Location ridges (patent pending) on the 1.5 and 2.5 mm² wire stripping blades for the fast insertion of cable. Internal length scale for consistent stripping of cable, legible for both right and left handed users.
  • Cutting capacities (diameter): Ø 13-32 mm
  • Wire stripping value for conductors and strands: 0.2-4 mm²
  • Technical attributes

     Length:187 mm
     Width:86 mm
     Height:38 mm
     Weight:47 g


    Detailed description

    KNIPEX TwistCut corrugated pipe cutter 90 22 02 SB: with stripping device for common conductors and wire strands

    The KNIPEX TwistCut corrugated pipe cutter cuts corrugated pipes to length on the outer corrugation without damaging the internal lines.

    Corrugated pipes protect internal lines while still remaining flexible. The KNIPEX TwistCut corrugated pipe cutter helps when cutting to length: It always cuts on the outer corrugation. This means no sharp edge on the inside of the corrugated pipe and a clean cut – without damage to the internal lines. Its efficiency makes it ideal for use in the electrical and construction trades as well as in plumbing installations. The KNIPEX TwistCut remains securely closed during transport thanks to a catch. An opening spring helps with quick cutting during work.

    Fast and safe cutting

    Use is simple but safe: Insert corrugated pipe with a diameter of 13-32 mm, turn KNIPEX TwistCut, done. The double-sided guide by means of two slide rails ensures a precise and quick cut every time. The slide rails and the recessed blades prevent personal injuries and damage to internal lines.

    Short overview

    • Flexible for corrugated pipes with a diameter of 13-32 mm
    • For quick cutting of empty or pre-assembled corrugated pipes
    • Recessed blades prevent personal injuries and material damage
    • Cut on the outer corrugation – no sharp edge inside the corrugated pipe
    • Slim and ergonomically designed for work in hard-to-reach places
    • Housing made of strong polyamide compound plastic
    • With stripping device for electrical cables with a diameter of 0.2 to 4 mm

    Always safe thanks to the catch -Convenient handling and safe transport thanks to locking with a catch and opening via an internal spring

    Lines inside are always protected -Clean cut edge and, in the case of pre-assembled corrugated pipes, no damage to the internal cables since the cut is always on the corrugation.

    Double guide rails also for corrugated plumbing pipes -The KNIPEX TwistCut is also suitable for protective tubes for aluminium composite pipes in plumbing applications with diameters of up to 32 mm.

    Stripping length scale for right and left-handed users -The length scale visible in the honeycomb, readable for right and left-handed users, ensures even stripping to a uniform length.

    Locators -The recesses in the plastic help in finding the right stripping blade under poor visibility conditions.

    Push, pull, stripped! -Stripping is as easy as shaking hands: Close the KNIPEX TwistCut, briefly turn the cable or tool, strip away the excess insulation

    Also in plumbing applications for all corrugated pipes up to Ø 32 mm -Conduit pipes for aluminium composite pipes in particular are often not rounded at the outer corrugations. The KNIPEX TwistCut even cuts reliably here

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