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Product Description

90 10 165 BK KNIPEX CutiX
Innovative and variably extendable stabilisation bar: versatile, precise, and faster cutting. Exert targeted pressure on the back of the blade without risk of injury, no unintentional bending or breaking of the blade. Robust, durable magnesium housing: as light as plastic, strong as die-cast aluminium. Fixed blade due to high-quality blade locking: Secure fit when cutting, pushing and scraping. Handy: 165 mm long, weight approx. 111 g. Original equipment with high quality snap-off blades with two spare blades in the handle drawer which can be changed without any tools. Suitable for standard 18 mm blade types: smooth, curved and with hooks. Fits comfortably in the hand due to its slim shape and numerous grip zones: firm and non-slip grip, comfortable hold. Flat, ergonomic slides seperately for blade and stabilisation bar, no accidental activation of the slides. Realible blade holder: Secure hold of the blade thanks to hardened steel pin. When the rear end of the handle is closed, the blade slider and blade cannot slip out. Tether attachment point for tool protection with KNIPEX Tethered Tools System.

Technical attributes

 Length:165 mm
 Width:40 mm
 Height:19 mm
 Weight:332 g


Detailed description

KNIPEX CutiX Universal Knife: Snap-off knife with unique blade stabilisation and magnesium housing

Variable, ergonomic, light and robust

The innovative, variably extendible stabilisation bar of the Knipex CutiX Universal Knife 90 10 165 BK is the ideal answer for versatile and comfortable work! With the stabilisation bar extended, even an extended snap-off blade remains rigid, so that pressure can be applied more safely directly to the back of the blade, for example with the thumb. This allows, for instance, particularly comfortable scraping. With the stabilisation bar retracted, however, the blade remains flexible and thus allows cuts to be made in hard-to-reach corners. The separate sliders for the blade and stabilisation bar are flat and do not protrude from the housing. Advantages: The slim snap-off knife measures around 165 millimetres in length and fits comfortably and ergonomically in the hand, without the risk of accidentally operating the slider.

Short overview

  • Versatile, variable stabilisation bar: Flexible, precise and quick cutting
  • High-quality blade lock: Secure fit for cutting, pushing and scraping
  • Handy and ergonomic: 165 mm long, approx. 111 g, non-slip grip zones
  • Robust and durable magnesium housing: As light as plastic but as strong as die-cast aluminium
  • For 18 mm blade types: Smooth, curved, with hooks, from practically all quality manufacturers
  • Three high-quality blades included: 1 + 2 spare blades in the handle, can be changed without tools

Magnesium housing, particularly durable and light

When it comes to the material used in the housing, Knipex has chosen a magnesium alloy for its robustness and light weight. This solid metal is about one third lighter than aluminium. As a result, the 165 millimetre KNIPEX CutiX Universal Knife only weights approx. 111 grams - making it as light as a plastic knife, but tougher than an aluminium one.

Clever details for optimum handling

Flexible hold thanks to many non-slip grip zones! The CutiX can be held firmly in the palm of your hand or between your fingers like a pen for delicate tasks. The blade holder always holds the snap-off blades securely thanks to the hardened steel pin. The rear end of the handle is securely closed and reliably prevents the blade slider or even the blade from slipping out.

Quick blade replacement The blades can be changed without tools - just with the push of a button.

More versatile than ever The ergonomic shape with many non-slip grip zones allows you to work safely and precisely.

More pressure The innovative blade stabilisation allows you to safely exert pressure directly on the blade.

Two knives in one Depending on requirements, the blade can be used either rigidly or flexibly thanks to the variably extendible stabilisation bar.

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