95 62 160 | Wire Rope Cutter | Multi-Component Handle | Burnished Head - 160mm

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Product Description

95 62 160 Wire Rope Cutter
For high-strength wire ropes up to Ø 4 mm and cables up to Ø 6 mm: noticeably light, high-precision cutting thanks to unique, patent-pending joint design. Compact size, low weight, high performance level. Made for intensive use: particularly durable and light at only 172 g. Compact, light and powerful. Up to 30 % less physical effort compared to wire rope cutters of the same length. Double-mounted box joint design for high level of stability. Cutting edges additionally induction-hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC. Convenient work thanks to opening spring. Secured by locking device during transport. For wire rope with Ø 4.00 / 1960 Nmm².
  • Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded (diameter): Ø 6.0 mm
  • Cutting capacities wire rope (diameter): Ø 4.0 mm
  • Technical attributes

     Length:168 mm
     Width:61 mm
     Height:21 mm
     Weight:175 g


    Detailed description

    Cuts wire ropes smoothly and without fraying

    The high-performance tool for handicrafts, repairs, trade fair construction and much more.

    Typical applications for the Knipex wire rope cutter include: shortening a bicycle brake Bowden cable; recreating the broken clutch cable of a classic car because no original part is available, manufacturing the parking brake cables of a truck trailer from wire rope available by the meter. This wire rope cutter from Knipex is the right tool in these and many other cases. With cutting values of up to Ø 6 mm for multi-strand copper cables and up to Ø 4 mm for wire ropes, it is suitable for all uses on-site and in workshops.

    Comfort and safety integrated: with opening spring and catch

    The durable opening spring ensures comfort: It saves the user a manual action with every cutting operation. As soon as the hand force is released, the spring opens the pliers automatically. Anyone who frequently cuts wire ropes will soon come to appreciate this detail feature. For transport, the wire rope cutter is secured against unintentional opening by means of a catch.

    Knipex quality – the wire rope cutter also for high-strength wire ropes

    The wire rope cutter from Knipex is suitable as a cutting tool for assembling Bowden cables, e.g. for steelwork (railings, suspensions, etc.), trade fair construction, agriculture, automotive trade, horticulture, equipment construction, maintenance and repairs. People who use tools professionally expect a quality that allows them to work easily and safely. The tools also need to withstand many years of heavy use. We therefore make our tools from high-quality materials, machine them with high precision on modern tooling machines and harden them by means of multiple careful heat treatments. All pliers from Knipex embody over 130 years of specialist expertise.

    Short overview

    • Compact, light and powerful wire rope cutter
    • Comfortable work with only one hand thanks to the handy, slim design and opening spring
    • Cutting values: multi-strand copper cable up to Ø 6 mm; hard wire rope up to Ø 4 mm
    • Ergonomic multi-component grips
    • Effortless working thanks to very high force transmission
    • High stability thanks to a double-bearing box joint
    • Secured by a catch during transport
    • Ball-bearing steel, cutting edges additionally induction-hardened, hardness approx. 64 HRC

    Work with only one hand -Cut wire ropes easily and comfortably.

    Also for high-strength wire ropes -For wire ropes up to Ø 4.00 mm (1960 Nmm²) and multi-strand copper cables up to Ø 6 mm.

    Double-bearing joint -Particularly precise cutting guide thanks to the box joint equipped with an additional stabilising plate.

    Huge force transmission -The double-bearing box joint ensures high strength and makes cutting up to 30% easier

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