95 26 165 | VDE Cable Shears w/ Locking Mechanism | Multi-Component Handle - 165mm

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Product Description

95 26 165 Cable Shears
For cutting copper and aluminium single conductors as well as multiple stranded cables. Clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation. Not suitable for steel wire and hard drawn copper conductors. Precision-ground, hardened blades. Easy cutting with one-hand operation. With guard. Adjustable bolted joint, self-retaining screw. internal opening spring, protected and captive.
  • Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded: 50 mm²
  • Cutting capacity copper cable, multiple-stranded: Ø 15 mm
  • AWG: 1 / 0
  • VDE tested: yes
  • Technical attributes

     Length:180 mm
     Width:63 mm
     Height:26 mm
     Weight:275 g

    Detailed description

    Professional cable shears: VDE tested and ideal for electricians

    Why cable shears should be used to cut cable

    Due to their design, diagonal cutters are not ideal for cable cutting, for example, because their blades meet at an obtuse angle.

    By contrast, Knipex cable shears cut using a scissors action, producing a smooth and clean result, because the cable is not crushed, but is cut very smoothly and cleanly. They are therefore excellent for shortening cable, e.g. in house wiring work. For example, they cut NYM-J 3x1.5 mm or NYM-J 5x2.5 mm and all other stranded and finely stranded Cu and Al cables up to 50 mm² professionally. The cable shears should not be used to cut hard wire, however, as their cutting edges have not been designed for this.

    Knipex 95 26 165: cable cutting with little physical effort

    Compared to the physical effort required with conventional diagonal cutters, the user only needs around one third of the manual force with the Knipex 95 26 165 cable shears due to the very sharp cutting edges. There is substantially less strain for the fitter, particularly during prolonged use of the cable shears, e.g. for house wiring work. Thanks to a scissors action and precision ground cutting edges, the ends of the cable are not deformed. A clean, technically perfect cut for work steps following the shortening of cables - and a reliable result with the Knipex 95 26 165.

    Bolted joint, insulated handles and inset opening spring

    The bolted joint permits the extremely easy operation of the cable shears. The self-locking joint bolt can be tightened if necessary. These cable shears are particularly appreciated because of the internal, captive opening spring, which reduces every operation for the user by one step. The insulating multi-component grips additionally protect the user from an electric shock during work on live parts.

    Knipex quality – cable shears

    The VDE tested cable shears from Knipex are a quality, indispensable tool for house wiring work. Those who use tools every day expect a quality that permits simple and safe work.

    The tool must also last for many years of hard use. We manufacture our tools from quality materials, machine them with high precision on modern machinery and harden them with careful multiple stage heat treatment.

    Every pair of Knipex pliers represents more than 130 years of specialist know-how.

    Short overview

    • Cable shears for cutting solid, multicore and finely stranded Cu and Al cable up to 50 mm²
    • Due to their design, unsuitable for steel wire or hard drawn copper conductors
    • Cut smoothly, cleanly and without crushing thanks to very sharp, accurate cutting edges with precision cut
    • Easy cutting with one-handed operation; pinch protection prevents injuries to hands
    • Adjustable, self-locking bolted joint
    • Forged from high-grade special tool steel, oil-hardened
    • Handles with insulating multicomponent grips
    • Inset, captured opening spring; pawl
    • Pliers are chrome-plated
    • 165 mm long
    • Weight 275 g
    • VDE tested

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    95 16 165 | VDE Cable Shears | Multi-Component Handle - 165mm

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