91 00 200 | Tile Nibbling Pincer (Parrot Beak Pincer) | Black Atramentized - 200mm

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Product Description

91 00 200 Tile Nibbling Pincer
Enlarges holes in tiles and forms tile edges.

Technical attributes

 Length:200 mm
 Width:34 mm
 Height:9 mm
 Weight:158 g

Detailed description

Knipex 91 00 200 tile nibbling pincer

Make installation holes without sawing

Thanks to the Knipex tile nibbling pincer, it is not necessary to use two tile pieces when tiling around fittings. After predrilling a hole, it can be enlarged using the pincer. Tilers can use the pincer to gradually enlarge pre-drilled holes in tiles with little effort, piece-by-piece, exerting a measured amount of manual force. The specially adapted cutting edges remove the material at the desired location in a well-defined manner.

Short overview

  • Long lever arm and well-measured manual force
  • Specially adapted cutting edges for controlled work

For tilers and plumbing specialists -Knipex has a variety of tools for tilers and plumbing specialists in its range. In addition to the tile nibbling pincer described here, which works according to the bite-cutting principle, this also includes tile breaking pliers and numerous pliers and pliers wrenches for installing fittings for example.

When working with tiles, small holes can be widened by precise breaking out.

Forged from special tool steel and oil hardened, the pliers are also suitable for shaping edges.

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