78 06 125 | VDE Electronics Super Knips® | Multi-Component Handle | Polished Head / INOX Steel - 125mm

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Product Description

78 06 125 Electronic Super Knips® VDE
VDE-tested precision pliers for ultra fine cutting work, e.g. in electronics and fine mechanics. Complete your set of VDE-tools. Ground, very sharp cutting edges without bevel. Shear cut with controlled micro cutting edge misalignment for the most precise cutting of even the thinnest of wires and for a long service life. Precisely shaped tips cut wires close to a surface from Ø 0.2 mm. Joint with stainless steel rivet. Extremely smooth movement for minimum operator fatigue. With opening spring and opening limiter. Cutting edge hardness approx. 54 HRC.
  • Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter): Ø 1.0 mm
  • Cutting capacities soft wire (diameter): Ø 0.2-1.6 mm
  • Jaw length (B): 9 mm
  • Jaw thickness (joint) (D): 7.5 mm
  • Head width (A): 13.5 mm
  • Technical attributes

    Length :125mm
    Width :78mm
    Handle :Insulated with Multi component handle
    Bevel:Cutting edges without bevel


    Detailed description

    Precise cutting, even of fine wires flush to surfaces

    Extremely sharp cutting edges made of rustproof, air-hardened stainless steel

    The Knipex Electronic Super Knips VDE is made of surgical steel (INOX steel). For cutting level to surfaces, the cutting edges are ground without a bevel and hardened to approx. 54 HRC. Thanks to the precisely machined tips, even fine wires that are in contact with housings or components can be cut precisely. Dexterity is required when working on electronic components and in fine mechanics. Thanks to the friction-free torsion spring, the Knipex Electronic Super Knips 78 06 125 VDE is so smooth-action that the force can be controlled very finely when working on electronic components and in fine mechanics. The opening spring and opening limiter make work even easier. Important: The insulating, VDE-tested grips on the handles protect you when working on electrical devices.

    A special detail ensures a precise cut and a long service life

    A special detail enables ultra-precise shear cuts on even the thinnest of wires while also lending the pliers a long service life: The extremely sharp cutting edges of the Electronic Super Knips 78 06 125 VDE are protected against collision after cutting thanks to the micro-cutting edge offset.

    Knipex Electronic Super Knips 78 03 125 VDE: high degree of security and quality

    The Knipex Electronic Super Knips is used for the finest cutting work in electronics and fine mechanics. Radio technicians, industrial electricians, mechatronics engineers and electronics engineers, for example, value optimal work results. The following reasons speak in favour of these precision pliers: the particularly smooth operation, low weight, outstanding cutting precision, protective VDE handles and long service life, thanks in part to the micro-cutting edge offset. These advantages are the visible result of decades of experience in toolmaking, continuous further development and the commitment to high quality standards at Knipex: from the selection of materials through to machining and finishing.

    Short overview

    • Precision for the finest cutting work: shear cut with controlled micro-cutting edge offset
    • Precision-shaped tips also cut through wires flush to surfaces from Ø 0.2 mm
    • Cutting value for soft wire up to Ø 1.6 mm; medium-hard wire up to Ø 1.0 mm
    • VDE-tested grips insulate against voltages of up to 1,000 V
    • Particularly smooth thanks to the friction-free torsion spring
    • Lightweight (60 g)

    Flush cut Thanks to bevel-free cutting edges, the Electronic Super Knips cuts not only wires but also e.g. cable ties almost completely level to the surface

    Precision pliers for the finest cutting work Precision flush cutting of the thinnest wires all the way to the cutting edge tips.

    VDE-tested two-component grips Safety up to 1,000 volts: The insulated grips – frequently referred to as VDE grips – do not conduct electric current when live components are gripped with pliers heads.

    Practical opening spring Thanks to the friction-free opening spring, you can also work with very little effort during repeat cutting.

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