71 22 200 | CoBolt® Compact Bolt Cutters (with Locking Mechanism + 20° Angled Head) | Multi-Component Handle | Black Atramentized - 200mm

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Product Description

71 22 200 KNIPEX CoBolt®
With precision cutting edges for soft, hard and piano wire. Cuts bolts, nails, rivets, etc. up to Ø 5.2 mm. Efficient joint design ensures exceptional cutting performance with little effort. Cutting edges additionally induction-hardened, cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRC. with slim multi-component grips without collar for better handling and easier transport. Opening spring and locking device are integrated in the handles also for comfortable work and protected transport. 20° angled head with joint bar on one side and side cutter for almost flush cutting, with space for gripping.
  • Cutting capacities soft wire (diameter): Ø 6 mm
  • Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter): Ø 5.2 mm
  • Cutting capacities hard wire (diameter): Ø 4.0 mm
  • Cutting capacities piano wire (diameter): Ø 3.6 mm
  • Technical attributes

     Length:205 mm
     Width:62 mm
     Height:24 mm
     Weight:375 g


    Detailed description

    Muscle man with the clever bend

    The Knipex 71 22 200 CoBolt compact bolt cutters with angled shape for flush cutting.

    The CoBolt 71 22 200 with the 20° angled pliers head has been designed for all jobs where you need to cut as close as possible to the surface below. Protruding nails, screws, wire or strands with diameters up to 6 mm can be cut flush thanks to its sophisticated design with joint bar on one side. This means it offers enough space for gripping even in confined work situations.

    Small tool, big impact

    Those used to working with standard bolt cutters will appreciate how user-friendly the CoBolt 71 22 200 is.

    Thanks to its practical size of 200 mm and low weight of less than 400 g, it is a powerful partner in demanding situations, such as when working above head height. Even the hardest wire is no problem, and it masters piano wire up to a diameter of 3.6 mm reliably.

    This high cutting performance is the result of long-standing engineering experience. The precision cutting edges made of chrome-vanadium high performance steel are induction hardened and therefore assure the greatest cutting edge hardness. The particularly efficient lever action mechanism assures an extremely favourable lever ratio with simultaneously low friction. The CoBolt reinforces the hand force used to grip the handles 35 times over.

    Integrated opening spring protects hand muscles

    While working, the well-designed opening spring on the CoBolt 71 22 200 opens the cutters repeatedly and automatically, thereby saving many small hand movements that might tire and irritate joint muscles. In particular this substantially eases work above head height. At the same time, the handles with multi-component grips are non-slip and assure they are pleasant to use even for long periods. The two materials with different degrees of hardness ensure an optimum distribution of acting forces.

    Knipex quality: the 71 22 200 CoBolt compact bolt cutters are manufactured in the Knipex factory in Wuppertal-Cronenberg using quality materials. As with the other models of pliers from the Knipex think tank, they stand for top quality and therefore - when used correctly - also for exceptional durability. Their ergonomic shape furthermore means they offer the best possible conditions for gentle and safe use.

    You can find a table showing the various versions of the Knipex CoBolt compact bolt cutters below.

    Versatile helper for diverse applications

    The Knipex 71 22 200 CoBolt is a flexible and always reliable all-rounder. It manages difficult tasks such as cutting metal tapes just as accurately as cutting nails and all types of wire – up to a diameter of 6 mm.

    The durable compact bolt cutters are manufactured from high performance chrome vanadium steel hardened in multiple stages. Thanks to their first-class machining, they are extremely tough and almost indestructible if used properly.

    Short overview

    • Powerful cutting due to efficient joint design
    • Reinforce manual force 35 times over
    • Angled pliers head leaves space for gripping
    • Permit flush cutting
    • Suitable for large cross sections up to 6 mm
    • Cuts through hard materials up to Ø 4 mm, and even piano wire up to Ø 3.6 mm
    • Up to 60% energy-saving compared to high leverage diagonal cutters of the same length
    • Induction hardened cutting edges
    • Opening spring protects hand muscles
    • Perfect handling thanks to handles with slim multi- component grip
    • Extremely favourable lever ratios
    • High performance chrome vanadium steel
    • Made in Germany

    Useful angle The angled head of the CoBolt offers up to 60 mm of room for gripping, making it ideal for poorly accessible areas.

    Design that is gentle on hand muscles Perfect for heavy use: the practical opening spring ensures that the pliers do not need to be opened by hand for every cut. That saves muscle power.

    Flush cutting Compared to the straight models, the angled CoBolt permits materials to be cut flush – as with the entire series, using 35-fold manual force.

    Several applications The CoBolt is suitable for soft cross- sections of up to 6 mm and even cuts through piano wire up to 3.6 mm. This makes it a versatile helper.

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