12 42 195 | "MultiStrip 10" Automatic Insulation Stripper

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12 42 195 KNIPEX MultiStrip 10
Stripping without re-adjustment from 0.03 to 10.0 mm². recessed wire cutter. universal blade geometry – robust and more durable. ideal grip design with excellent haptics. Fully automatic adjustment to fine-stranded conductors with standard insulation throughout the entire capacity range from 0.03 to 10.0 mm². With recessed wire cutter for Cu and Al conductors, stranded up to 10 mm² and single wire up to 6 mm². No damage to the conductors. The clamping jaws made of steel hold the cable in a way that prevents slipping without damaging the remaining insulation. Particularly smooth-running mechanics and very low weight. Replaceable blades block and length stop. Handle with soft-plastic zone for a steady grip.
  • Stripping capacities in square millimetres: 0.03-10.0 mm²
  • AWG: 32-8
  • Technical attributes

     Length:190 mm
     Width:112 mm
     Height:18 mm
     Weight:136 g


    Detailed description

    Short overview

    • Fully automatic, self-adjusting wire strippers for solid, multicore and finely stranded conductors
    • For cable with PVC insulation and many other standard and special types of insulation (only single layer insulation)
    • With recessed wire cutter for Cu and Al multicore conductors up to 10 mm2 and solid conductors up to 6 mm2
    • Housing made of glass fibre reinforced plastic; handle with soft plastic zone for a secure hold
    • Blade made of oil-hardened special tool steel
    • Easily replaceable blade and clamping jaws
    • Net weight 136 g

    Knipex Multistrip 10 – the versatile tool with the patented mechanics

    Adjust by themselves. Insulate with one touch of the pliers. Protect the conductor.

    Professional, technically correct wire stripping is very simple with these wire strippers, because the key steps are fully automated: simply insert the cable and slide up to the length stop set earlier. Press the handle of the pliers, and they do everything else by themselves: cutting the insulation, stripping off the section of insulation. The mechanics with which the cutting depth of the stripping blade is adapted to the diameter of the wire and the thickness of all standard insulation materials is patented.

    Thanks to straight blade, ideal working on cables with single layer insulation.

    Single layer PVC insulation and a multitude of standard and special types of insulation are processed extremely well because the blades are straight and so run parallel. Due to the special movement of the blades, these wire strippers are not suitable for highly flexible and reinforced insulation materials, but rather only for single layer insulated cable. The insulation is only cut as deeply as needed for removal of the insulation layer. This effectively protects solid, multicore and finely stranded conductors from damage.

    Great reduction of workload, smooth-running mechanics, low weight

    The fully automatic Knipex 12 42 195 wire strippers will be appreciated by professional users from the electrical and electronics industries, because they shorten the otherwise time-consuming wire stripping work. Apart from the length stop, nothing needs to be set or finely adjusted. The integrated, low-lying wire cutter means there is no need for a tool that cuts wire to length during instalation work. The wire stripping mechanism that is operated using the pliers handle is smooth-running. Thanks to the soft plastic zone on the handle, these very light wire strippers weighing just 136 g sit firmly and comfortably in the hand.

    Wire strippers from Knipex: built for high benefits and long service life

    Knipex has a wide range of special products for the electronics and electrical industries. During wire stripping, wire strippers from Knipex protect the conductor in the cable and offer utmost comfort for the user. The great benefits of the tools and safe, comfortable use in everyday work are the results of decades of experience building tools, constant product development and the commitment by Knipex towards high quality standards. Pliers from Knipex are built for many years of use in a professional environment.

    Accurate wire stripping from 0.03 to 10 mm2 without realignment.

    Accurate wire stripping without damaging the conductor.

    Wire cutters up to 10 mm2, stranded.

    Only the red area is cut into.

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