97 52 09 | Two-Handed Operation Crimping Pliers | Plastic Handle - 250mm

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  • For solder-free electrical connections The ingenious lever transmission reduces the handforce up to 30% compared with regular crimping pliers Consistently high crimping quality thanks to precision dies and ratchet mechanism (unlockable)Tools have been set precisely (calibrated) in the factory Two-hand operation for easy crimping of large conductor diameters Easy handling as a result of well-balanced centre of gravity, angled head and ergnomically shaped handl Special quality chrome vanadium electric steel, oil-hardened.

Technical attributes

Weight:565 g
Application:insulated terminals,Plug connectors +butt connectors
Capacity in square millimetres:0.5 — 6 mm²
Number of crimping positions:3

Detailed description

Extremely user-friendly: precision requiring little time and effort

Professional crimping results –the ideal crimping pressure automatically

The crimping of connectors normally requires a fair amount of attention in order to create connections that are electrically and mechanically safe and secure. Things are different when using the Knipex 97 52 06 crimping pliers, which give the user a tool that intuitively enables him to do everything right. Insulated cable lugs, plug connectors and butt connectors are crimped to the conductors reliably in the precision-machined crimp profiles.

The integral lock ensures that the pliers only open once the optimal crimping pressure set in the factory has been reached. The crimping pressure can be adjusted; the integral lock can be released where necessary.

30 % less effort required – the leverage principle is used twice

Double use of the leverage principle – continuous relief from strain: up to 30 % less effort required compared to conventional crimping pliers, made possible by applied physics. The handles of the Knipex 97 52 06 are shaped to produce a long lever arm. This also permits two-handed operation for large conductor cross-sections. Special leverage is also integrated in the crimping pliers, so that even a low level of manual force gets to the conductor in a carefully measured way. The user can produce stable connections from conductors and crimp connectors with little time and effort.

This is how it is done: three hand movements to produce a professional crimp connection

Depending on the application, an insulated cable lug, plug connector or butt connector is inserted in the relevant crimping die. The lower handle is pulled up using two fingers, until both jaws are resting on the connector to be crimped, thereby fixing it in the crimp profile. After inserting the stripped cable, crimping is carried out. The Knipex 97 52 06 has been designed for many years of use. The high Knipex quality standards and selection of materials with high-grade chrome vanadium electric steel ensure that all the qualities of these crimping pliers will last for a long time

Insert in the precision die Illustration shows insulated cable lug with cable already fed to the precision die.

Crimping in the precision die The insulated cable lug is crimped to the conductor; two-handed operation possible especially for large cross-sections.

Crimp connection successful Permanently safe connections because the integral lock only triggers when there is the ideal crimping pressure.

Insert in the precision die An insulated cable lug (or a plug connector or butt connector) is inserted in the right crimping die.

Fasten in the crimping die Pulling up the lower handle holds the part to be crimped in place; the conductor is added

Two-handed operation possible Thanks to the long handles, two hands can be used for crimping large cable cross-sections.

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