97 33 01 | MultiCrimp® Lever Action Crimping Pliers w/ Profile Magazine | Multi-Component Handle - 250mm

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Product Description

97 33 01 KNIPEX MultiCrimp®
Just one tool for the most common crimping applications. Crimping dies changed quickly and easily without any additional tool. Sorted and protected storage of the interchangeable dies in a round magazine. Comfortable, powerful crimping pliers in professional quality. Same reliable crimping results as with fixed crimping dies. Consistently high crimping quality thanks to precision dies and forced locking mechanism (unlockable).
  • Applications: non-insulated open plug type connectors (plug width 4.8 + 6.3 mm)
  • Capacity in square millimetres: 0.5-6.0 mm²
  • Number of crimping positions: 3
  • AWG: 20-10

Technical attributes

 Length:240 mm
 Width:75 mm
 Height:28 mm
 Weight:870 g

Detailed description

Knipex MultiCrimp – for versatile applicat., consistent with regard to quality

The crimping pliers with a long list of possible applications

Five interchangeable crimping dies in the quick die change magazine for a wide range of crimping applications: for non-insulated plug connectors with open cable entry (plug width 4.8 + 6.3 mm) from 0.5 to 6.0 mm2; insulated cable lugs, plug connectors and butt connectors from 0.5 to 6.0 mm2, for insulated and non-insulated end sleeves (ferrules) from 0.25 to 6.0 mm2, and 10 / 16 and 25 mm2, for non-insulated crimp terminals, tubular cable lugs and compression cable lugs in accordance with DIN 46234 and DIN 46235 as well as non-insulated crimp terminals, butt connectors and press connectors in accordance with DIN 46341 and DIN 46267 of 0.5 - 10 mm2.

The work results: as good as with professional crimping pliers with permanently mounted profiles

With the quick crimping die change without tools, the crimping dies are inserted in the front of the Knipex MultiCrimp 97 33 02. The locking system developed for these pliers connects the dies to the tool with zero backlash and friction locking. This assembly principle permits professional crimping results. The Knipex MultiCrimp 97 33 02 therefore offers the range of services and quality of five pairs of professional pliers in a single tool. The crimping pressure is calibrated in the factory. The finely graduated integral lock with release mechanism triggers automatically on reaching the optimal crimping pressure.

One tool, several applications and a great deal of comfort

One pair of pliers with a magazine instead of five pairs of pliers. This reduces the weight of the toolbox and renders it superfluous for some jobs. With this tool, the fitter is prepared for all standard crimping tasks. It is ideal, for example, when assembling several cables in turn in an area with large instalations. Changing the crimping die takes just a few seconds. No tools are needed. The quick die change magazine is conveniently carried using the belt clip. You take everything with you.

Crimping pliers from Knipex: quality from universal through to special pliers

Knipex offers an extensive range of quality universal and special pliers for crimping. Those who use tools a lot and professionally every day expect a quality that permits simple and safe work and which lasts for many years of hard use.

We produce our tools from quality materials, machine them with great precision on up-to-date machinery, and harden them carefully using repeated heat treatment.

Every pair of Knipex pliers represents more than 130 years of specialist know-how.

Short overview

  • Crimping pliers with change magazine and five crimping dies
  • For the most common crimping applications
  • Quick die change magazine with five, tool-free interchangeable crimping dies
  • Capacities: see detailed description
  • Length 250 mm
  • Net weight 870 g
  • Integrated, very finely graduated integral lock, with release mechanism
  • Crimping pressure calibrated in the factory
  • Manufactured from high-grade chrome vanadium electric steel, oil-hardened
  • With multi-component grips

Switching position: fold the service lever out for parallel jaw position.

Crimping die change: release magazine position, remove crimping die in the pliers.

Fold the service lever in and push the pliers into place - ready for use again.

Magazine for crimping dies can be worn on a belt.

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