What does "Atramentized" mean exactly?

The question on your mind?

Chances are that you have been looking through the Knipex Online Catalog.

You have found the product you are looking for...only to be presented with a few choices.

Chrome plated? No problem. Multi-Component or Coated Handle? Easy.

But what on earth does this word "atramentized" mean?

If we take a trip back in time, the word derives from the Latin word "atramentum", translating in what we know in English to be "ink".

That is not to say the process of atramentization was invented by the Ancient Romans, however.

It is instead a very modern, Knipex variant of zinc phosphating and this plays a big part in the rust protection process.

Although we have optimized the phosphating process to ensure the highest possible quality, this alone does not provide sufficient and lasting corrosion protection.

What this does however, is form an excellent adhesion primer for a paint coating to be applied on top as an additional layer.

This is the ink. The "atramentization" process.

And this is what goes a long way in providing the tools with significant improvement in rust protection!