Spring 2023 New Products

Introducing the latest Spring 2023 product additions by Knipex Tools.

These products will be looking to land in the Middle East in May, so be sure to pre-order yours today and set the standard in workplace organization and quality!

1. Knipex (00 21 50 LE) Modular X18 Tool Backpack

This new addition has been on the list of every Knipex enthusiast for the past few months since the official launch, click the above image to see more!

  • Optimal flexibility due to innovative Fidlock® Connectors and Molle webbing.
  • Durable fabric made of sustainably recycled synthetic fibers, splash-proof and easy-to-clean.
  • Waterproof molded bottom made of impact resistant plastic for a secure upright position.

The perfect solution for You and Your Tools. The Modular X18 is practical and comfortable due to a fully-hinged front and back, removable tool board and back padding.

Work in style and comfort. Get yours today!

2. Knipex (00 21 05 EV) E-Mobility Complete Tool Case

The complete kit for Electric Vehicle Owners and Mechanics, never get caught short again! Click the above image to see more!

  • Featuring 29 of the most popular insulated tools and one pair of insulating gloves in a compact and organized tool case.
  • Each tool is insulated up to 1000v and individually tested up to 10,000v.
  • Colour coding foam insert for removed sockets.

Work safer. Work smarter. Get yours today!

3. Knipex (90 25 20) Pipe Cutter

  • Optimized blades for higher cutting performance.
  • Cutting capacity of 18-30mm on corrugated pipe and 26mm on plastic composite pipe.
  • Plastic edge protection prevents from damage in the application area.

4. Knipex (97 53 19) Twistor-T Self Adjusting Crimping Pliers

  • Crimping head can be rotated 360° with 8 different locking positions.
  • Trapezoid crimping profile with range between 0.14mm to 10mm².
  • Crimp opening is accessible from both sides, wire ferrules can be crimped from almost any working position and pliers adjust automatically to different cross-sections.