Wera | Kraftform Kompakt VDE Big Pack | Interchangeable Insulated Screwdriver Set 26pc

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26-piece Kraftform Kompakt VDE set, 2x 817 VDE Kraftform blade-holding screwdrivers, 24 VDE blades (each 157 mm length) most of them with reduced blade diameter (iS), so that even low-lying screw and spring elements can be easily reached and operated. Individually tested as per IEC 60900 at 10,000 V for safe working at the approved voltage of 1,000 V. "Take it easy" Tool finder with colour coding by profile and laser-engraved size indication - for quick and easy identification of the required tool. Kraftform Plus handle for comfortable ergonomic screwdriving, avoiding blisters and calluses. Hard handle zones for high working speeds, while soft handle zones guarantee a high torque transfer. The anti-roll protection avoids bits from rolling away annoyingly at the workplace. 


Key Features :

  • 2 x VDE insulated Kraftform 817 blade-holding screwdrivers with anti-roll protection.
  • VDE blades (157mm length) with practical spinning function, anti-roll protection and "Take It Easy" Tool Finder - colour coding by profile and laser-engraved size indication.
  • Insulated tools - blades partly with reduced diameter for safe working at up to 1,000volts.
  • Individually tested tools as per IEC 60900.
  • In a robust textile pouch.



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