Wera | 8100 SB12 | Zyklop (3/8in Drive) Comfort Ratchet Impaktor Socket Set 16pc

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16-piece Zyklop Comfort Ratchet Set in a light and robust, durable textile box. The 2-component plastic sleeve of the Zyklop Comfort ratchet makes working comfortable even in the cold and at the same time protects surfaces against damage. The Zyklop Impaktor sockets stand out with higher-than-average service life even at extreme requirements. The required size is easily accessible due to the "Take it easy" Tool finder (colour coding by size). The Zyklop extension also makes it easy to operate hard-to-reach screws and bolts.


Key Features :

  • Pleasant feel thanks to the plastic sleeve.
  • Plastic coating protects surfaces from damage.
  • Fine toothing with 80 teeth for a short return angle of only 4.5°.
  • Extremely slim design with a soft, ergonomic grip zone for easy work even in very confined spaces.
  • Safe socket lock via push button, convenient direction change thanks to the reversing lever.
  • In a robust textile box.


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