Wera | 367/6 Kraftform | Torx-BO (Pin) | Screwdriver Set 6pc

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6-piece screwdriver set with Kraftform handle for pleasant, ergonomic working that prevents blisters and calluses. TORX® BO screws have a protruding pin in their drive profile. This prevents any unauthorised loosening since the "normal" hex tools cannot move these screws. Only special TORX® BO tools have a bore hole which can slip over the pin.

The Wera Black Point tip and a complex hardening process ensure a long service life of the tip, enhanced corrosion protection and an exact fit. The hexagonal anti-roll feature prevents any bothersome rolling away at the workplace. Handle markings for simplified finding and sorting of the tool. Includes a practical rack for tidy storage of the screwdrivers.

Key Features :

  • Screwdrivers for recessed Torx screws with safety / security pin.
  • Multi-component Kraftform handle for fast and ergonomic screwdriving.
  • Handle markings simplify finding and sorting of tools.
  • Hexagonal anti-roll feature against rolling away.
  • The Wera Black Point tip offers an exact fit and optimum corrosion protection.


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