Wera 05134011001 | 2go H1 Carpentry Tool Set 134pc

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  • Extensive 134-piece tool set in compact Wera 2go tool container for carpenters on the go
  • Premium brand tools by Wera, BESSEY®, "KIRSCHEN"®, KNIPEX®, Lyra®, PICARD® and Stabila®
  • Wera Kraftform Kompakt H 1 Wood (41-piece set) and Wera Bit-Safe 61 Wood 1 (61-piece set)
  • 393 S extra slim bit hand holder with flexible shaft for applications in hard-to-reach work spaces Wera L-key with holding function: 967/9 TX XL Multicolour HF 1 (9-piece set) and 950/9 Hex-Plus Multicolour HF 1 (9-piece set)

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