87 21 300 | Cobra® QuickSet Water Pump Pliers | Non-Slip Handle | Grey Atramentized - 300mm

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Product Description

87 21 300 KNIPEX Cobra® QuickSet
Fully open, push, grab!. additional fast adjustment on the workpiece by sliding the pliers handle. Combines the proven, reliable locking of the hinge bolt with an additional push function which makes it easier to work in very confined and inaccessible areas. The adjustment directly on the workpiece is possible by simply sliding the pliers handle. Reliable locking of the hinge bolt with the first workload. The gripping width of the pliers is then fixed and can only be adjusted by pressing the button. To re-activate the sliding function, the hinge bolt must be released by pressing the push button and the pliers must be completely opened again.
  • Adjustment positions: 25
  • Capacity for pipes, inches (diameter): Ø 2 3/4 in
  • Capacities for nuts: 60 mm
  • Capacities for pipes (diameter): Ø 70 mm
  • Technical attributes

     Length:300 mm
     Width:57 mm
     Height:22 mm
     Weight:580 g


    Detailed description

    The high-tech water pump pliers with Quick- Set fast adjustment

    Adjust directly on the component using slide function

    These light and stable high-tech water pump pliers can be adjusted as quick as a flash thanks to the unique QuickSet technology, e.g. to pipes, nuts and pipe couplings. QuickSet means: slide pliers right open, place top jaw on the component, push the lower handle up to the component and press the pliers.

    The spring-loaded hinge bolt locks securely into place. It can only be moved again by pressing the QuickSet button. Thanks to the jaw geometry developed by Knipex, the pliers hold pipes and nuts with a self-locking mechanism.

    QuickSet gives freedom to move, self-locking effect saves energy

    The QuickSet function supplements all proven properties of the Knipex Cobra by adding a sliding function. Thanks to the QuickSet, it is also possible to work in confined, poorly accessible areas. Immediately on pressing the pliers, the user can turn his manual force into the desired movement of the component because he does not need to press the handle tightly together. Thanks to the 25-fold fine adjustment, the Cobra QuickSet can be ideally set to different sizes of component, keeping the distance of handles hand-friendly whatever the opening width.

    Tough and strong

    We forge the Cobra QuickSet from chrome vanadium steel, and use a multiple stage hardening process to give it the ideal balance between hardness and toughness. This makes it extremely durable. To achieve a lasting secure 'bite' on the work component, we use high-frequency current to bring the gripping teeth to a hardness of approx. 61 HRC. The Cobra QuickSet is further stabilised by the box joint design. Unlike pliers with mounted joints, no tilting forces arise here when under strain. The handles stabilise each other in the joint.

    High-performance water pump pliers from Knipex: quality within reach

    Knipex has a wide range of high-performance water pump pliers from the Cobra series in its range. While the pliers are very different, their durability is the same throughout.

    Those who use tools a lot and professionally every day value high quality that permits simple and safe work. From experience, people expect that tools from Knipex will last for many years of hard use. We forge our tools from quality materials, machine them with high precision on modern machinery and harden them with careful multiple stage heat treatment.

    Every pair of Knipex pliers represents more than 130 years of specialist know-how.

    Short overview

    • Modern high performance water pump pliers
    • 25-fold fine adjustment simply by sliding, for quickly adapting the tool to different sizes of component
    • High level of user comfort due to constant hand-friendly gripping position resulting from fine adjustment
    • Self-locking on pipes and nuts
    • Large grip width (up to wrench opening 60 mm / pipes 2 3/4 inches)
    • Gripping teeth hardened with high frequency to approx. 61 HRC for firm gripping and a long service life
    • Grips flat, round and angled component
    • Handles coated with non-slip plastic
    • Forged from chrome vanadium electric steel; oil-hardened
    • Length: 300 mm
    • Weight: 530 g

    The time-saving button - The Knipex Cobra QuickSet is adjusted quickly on the component by sliding the handle.

    1st step: open the pliers - The pliers open completely when the QuickSet button is pressed.

    2nd step: position the pliers, slide closed - The jaw half on the top handle is positioned, the second handle pushed closed.

    3rd step: apply pressure to the pliers– hold! - The hinge bolt locks quickly and firmly into place: the pliers are ready to use, which is the reason for the name 'QuickSet'.

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