61 02 200 | Bolt End Cutting Nippers | Multi-Component Handle | Black Atramentized - 200mm

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Product Description

61 02 200 Bolt End Cutting Nipper
powerful, compact, comfortable. Particularly high cutting capacity with minimum effort due to optimum transmission ratio. Handles angled for better accessibility. with slim multi-component grips without collar for better handling and easier transport. with large contact surface on the handles for better allotment of pressure and more comfort at work.
  • Cutting capacities soft wire (diameter): Ø 1-6 mm
  • Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter): Ø 4.0 mm
  • Cutting capacities hard wire (diameter): Ø 3.5 mm
  • Cutting capacities piano wire (diameter): Ø 3.0 mm
  • Technical attributes

     Length:220 mm
     Width:45 mm
     Height:15 mm
     Weight:435 g

    Detailed description

    High-performance cutting of nails/bolts/springs/fencing wire

    Perfect cutting in case of front access

    The principle of the end cutting nippers is the best tool design for working situations that allow at best limited lateral access to the material to be cut. It is possible to cut nails and bolts emerging from any surface very close to the exit point using the Knipex 61 02 200 bolt end cutting nippers. Unlike conventional end cutting nippers, the handles are angled 5° from the vertical, leaving enough space for fingers and knuckles when cutting close to a boundary (e.g. wall, joist or beam). The revolutionary design with the one-sided but double-length cutting edges also makes it possible to cut off wider rails and longer sections that can be easily moved past the joint.

    High transmission for all wire classes, including spring steel wire (piano wire)

    A power tool for use in assembly tasks and in industry: the ingenious lever action design of these lever-assisted end cutting nippers from Knipex permits extraordinary transmission and cutting capacity. Even spring steel wire with a diameter of up to 3.0 mm can be cut with reasonable manual force.

    Produced according to Knipex standards for a long service life

    The Knipex 61 02 200 end cutting nippers are forged from high-grade vanadium electric steel and multistage oil-hardened. The cutting edges are also induction-hardened to approx. 64 HRC. This cutting edge hardness puts the end cutting nippers at the top in terms of the hardness grades of cutting pliers. The cutting edges will stay sharp longer.

    Knipex bolt end cutting nippers/powerful but easy on the hand

    Bolt end cutting nippers from Knipex can handle spring steel wire and all other wire classes; they are also very easy to use. These pliers offer impressive cutting capacity and ergonomic efficiency, and also reduce some of the work for the craftsmen who use them. Professionals who use tools a lot every day expect tools that will make their work easier and safer and that will withstand many years of tough service. We forge our pliers from high-quality materials, processing them with high precision on modern machine tools and hardening them through careful heat treatment. All pliers from Knipex embody over 130 years of specialist expertise.

    Short overview

    • Bolt end cutting nippers, ideal for fencing, carpentry, concrete construction
    • Cutting values: soft Ø1.0–6.0 medium-hard Ø4.0 hard Ø3.5 piano Ø3.0 mm
    • 85° angled cutting edges
    • Black atramentised pliers; finely ground head
    • Vanadium electric steel, forged multistage oil-hardened
    • Cutting edges also induction-hardened, hardness approx. 64 HRC
    • Handles w/ slim multi-component grips without collar
    • Length 200mm; Net weight 435 g

    Even cuts spring steel wire High lever transmission and inductively hardened cutting edges (64 HRC) enable this bolt end cutting nippers to cut spring steel wire up to Ø3.0 mm.

    Numerous trade applications This is a valued tool in carpentry, boat building, wire/fence construction, and for concrete builders.

    Flush cutting The bolt end cutting nippers remove pins/bolts protruding from surfaces in an almost flush cut.

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