13 46 165 | VDE Cutting & Stripping Pliers | Multi-Component Handle | Chrome Plated - 165mm

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13 46 165 Stripping Pliers
Multifunctional - cutting and stripping with one pair of pliers. for time-saving stripping of all round sheathed and damp-proof installation cables (e.g. NYM cable). simplified access especially into deep mounted junction boxes thanks to slim head design and optimally angled cable sheath cutter. strip cables easily and without damage thanks to circular cutting edge with depth limiter. Suitable for universal use: precision wire stripping holes for conductors from 1.5 and 2.5 mm². With side cutters for cutting and trimming conductors, wires, small screws and nails. All cutters additionally induction-hardened to approx. 61 HRC for high wear resistance. 30 % lighter than comparable pliers.
  • Cutting capacities medium hard wire (diameter): Ø 3.2 mm
  • Cutting capacities hard wire (diameter): Ø 2.2 mm
  • Cable stripping values (diameter): 8-13 mm
  • Stripping capacities in square millimetres: 0.75-1.5 mm²?/ 2.5 mm²
  • VDE tested: yes
  • Technical attributes

     Length:165 mm
     Width:57 mm
     Height:27 mm
     Weight:190 g


    Detailed description

    The all-round talent specialising in dismantling and wire stripping

    Ideal for dismantling in deep flush mounted sockets

    The 13 46 165 dismantling pliers from Knipex permit efficient and ergonomic working also in low-lying flush mounted sockets. The slim head design and the ideally angled cable sheath cutter give the user freedom of movement. A twisting cutting action that is scarcely offset to the tool axis can be carried out without any particularly contorted movements, and then the cable sheath stripped after a short bending movement. The depth restriction of the circular cutting edge (safety shoulder) only allows the blade to permeate the sheath at a depth necessary for breaking and stripping the cable sheath.

    Wire stripping possible for conductors with 1.5 and 2.5 mm² – VDE tested

    After dismantling, when the core insulation is protected behind the cable sheath cutter by the safety shoulder, the ends of the cable can be stripped with the pliers. Two accurately machined wire stripping holes for conductors with 1.5 and 2.5 mm², enable work to continue without a change of tools. Even the cutting of cable and single conductors before or after dismantling and stripping is possible using the Knipex 13 46 165 dismantling pliers: thanks to the integrated diagonal cutters. The multi- component grips are insulated and VDE tested.

    Integrated diagonal cutters – and despite all these functions, still light weight

    Sharp diagonal cutters, that can powerfully cut single conductors, wire, small screws and nails, are integrated in the dismantling pliers. All cutting edges are additionally hardened to approx. 61 HRC. This wide range of functions saves an added tool for many common work steps. Despite the fact that several tool functions are combined in these dismantling pliers, they weigh 30 % less than comparable, conventional dismantling pliers. The chrome-plating provides good corrosion resistance, for example if the dismantling pliers are kept permanently in the electrician’s service vehicle where temperature changes can result in condensation on the tool.

    Knipex dismantling pliers: a lot of functions with low weight

    The 13 46 165 dismantling pliers shorten work considerably during the last centimetres and millimetres of electrical instalation work, because they can be used for convenient, time-saving dismantling and wire stripping. Some changes of tool are superfluous, and the pliers are pleasingly light. The great benefits of the tools and their safe, comfortable use are the results of decades of experience making pliers, continuous product development and the commitment by Knipex towards high quality standards.

    Short overview

    • For dismantling all common round and damp-proof cable (e.g. NYM cable)
    • Accurate wire stripping holes for conductors with 1.5 and 2.5 mm²
    • Handles with insulating multi- component grips, VDE tested
    • Pliers are chrome-plated
    • Cutting capacity for medium- hard wire (nails) up to Ø 3.2 mm; hard wire (wire rope) up to Ø 2.2 mm
    • Dismantling range Ø 8 - 13 mm
    • Wire stripping capacities 1.5 / 2.5 mm²
    • 165 mm long
    • Net weight 190 g

    Dismantling deep in the flush mounted socket. Slim head design and ideally angled cable sheath cutting edges for good access to cable in a flush mounted.

    Precision wire stripping holes for 1,5 and 2,5 mm². For stripping single conductors with 1,5 and 2,5 mm², rendering a tool change superfluous.

    Integrated diagonal cutters. Conductors, wire, small screws and nails can be cut with the integrated diagonal cutters.

    Induction hardened cutting edges. The cutting edges are additionally induction hardened to approx. 61 HRC for high wear resistance.

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