11 02 160 | Universal Insulation Stripper | Multi-Component Handle | Black Atramentized - 160mm

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Product Description

11 02 160 Insulation Stripper
For single, multiple and fine stranded conductors with plastic or rubber insulation up to Ø 5.0 mm or 10 mm². Easy adjustment to the required diameter of solid or stranded wire with knurled screw and lock nut.
  • Stripping capacities in square millimetres: 10 mm²
  • Stripping capacities (diameter): Ø 5.0 mm
  • AWG: 8
  • Technical attributes

     Length:160 mm
     Width:72 mm
     Height:19 mm
     Weight:165 g

    Detailed description

    Standard wire strippers for standard insulation

    For plastic and rubber insulation materials

    As standard wire strippers, the Knipex 11 02 160 are mainly used for wiring frequently laid NYM cable (NYM stands for 'standardised cable / PVC wire insulation / sheathed cable'). Fitters who want to wire a large number of sockets in one work step while consistently stripping wires with 1.5 mm², for example, have the right tool to hand to remove the insulation from conductors up to Ø 5 mm or a 10 mm² conductor cross-section. These pliers are also the right tool for stripping flexible conductors in rubber cable as connection or extension lead.

    Proven knurled screw for adjusting the conductor crosssection

    The pliers are set to the conductor cross-section using the knurled screw so that only the insulation is cut into without damaging the conductor. The knurled screw is secured with the inset lock nut to maintain the precise adjustment even during longer periods of work. This simple technology has been tried and tested by electricians for decades.

    With strong construction for long tool life, convenient to use

    Knipex 11 02 160 wire strippers are forged from special tool steel and additionally oil-hardened. The opening spring nestles the pliers gently in the user’s hand, thereby substantially reducing strain in hand muscles when holding the pliers tight. As a basic protection against rust, the wire strippers are phosphate-treated in black. The head of the pliers has a precision finish. Thanks to this machining and finishing step, when used correctly this prepares the pliers for a long tool life. With their multicomponent grips, the handles sit comfortably in the hand.

    Short overview

    • For plastic or rubber insulation up to Ø 5 mm or 10 mm² conductor cross-section
    • Handles with multi-component grips
    • Pliers black, phosphate-treated; head with precision finish
    • Length 160 mm
    • Net weight 165 g

    Adjustment to the conductor cross-section. The wire strippers are set to the right conductor cross-section using the knurled screw and lock nut.

    Cutting into the insulation. Correctly adjusted, the wire strippers cut into the cable insulation without damaging conductor or strands.

    Stripping the insulation. After the insulation has been cut into, it can be removed from the conductor effortlessly.

    Tough and durable. The strong pliers are forged from special tool steel, oil-hardened and black atramentised.

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