10 99 I220 | Front & Side-Jaw Ear Clamp Pliers | Coated Handle | Black Atramentized - 220mm

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Product Description

10 99 I220 Ear Clamp Pliers
For the simple and reliable mounting of 1-ear and 2-ear clamps (Oetiker system or similar). No damage to press points on the ear clamps. The slim head permits good accessibility in confined areas. Versatile use for clamps on CV boots, cooler and fuel lines, air pressure systems, compressors. Durable and strong.

Technical attributes

 Length:223 mm
 Width:48 mm
 Height:20 mm
 Weight:345 g


Detailed description

Special pliers for maximum safety with ear clamps

Areas of application for ear clamps and for the Knipex ear clamp pliers

Ear clamps are used to secure CV boots on motor vehicles, for example. They keep cooling, lubrication and fuel circuits leak-tight and maintain high pressures in compressed air and compressor systems. As varied as the applications are, one thing is always the same: Safety comes first. In order for ear clamps to fulfil their optimal sealing function, they must be pressed onto the hose, the port or the boot on the shaft using a suitable tool. Once pressed correctly, ear clamps require no further attention.

Knipex 10 99 I220 ear clamp pliers – 100 per cent tool specialisation

Knipex developed the 10 99 I220 ear clamp pliers together with the inventor of the Oetiker hose clamps. The pressing noses are shaped so that they fit perfectly onto the ear clamps and do not damage the clamp ears during closing. The result: consistently ideal results and safety as specified in the relevant area of application (engine compartment, machine, etc.).

Forged from special tool steel and then oil hardened

The Knipex 10 99 I220 ear clamp pliers are forged from special tool steel, and oil hardening lends the pliers body high strength. The pressing noses are milled with purpose-designed and manufactured special precision tools and the highest degree of repeat accuracy. The Knipex 10 99 I220 ear clamp pliers are the ideal tool for working in engine compartments and on machines for example.

Knipex ear clamp pliers: installing safety in systems

System safety is at the top of the list of requirements for industrial applications. Ear clamp pliers from Knipex provide additional safety thanks to their specialisation in the perfect installation of particularly secure ear clamps. Professional users rightly expect high precision and quality for comfortable and safe working from Knipex based on its decades of experience in toolmaking. The accuracy and long service life of these pliers are impressive. The reason for this lies in the materials and the manufacturing method. The machining meets Knipex's high quality standards. We manufacture our pliers from high-quality materials, machine them with a high degree of precision on modern machine tools and harden them by means of multiple careful heat treatments. All pliers from Knipex embody over 130 years of specialist expertise.

Short overview

  • Special pliers for the professional fastening of 1-ear and 2-ear clamps (Oetiker system or similar)
  • For ear clamps on CV boots, radiator and fuel lines, air pressure systems, compressors
  • Developed jointly with Hans Oetiker, the inventor of the ear clamps
  • Slim pliers head for easy access
  • Front and side jaw for pressing in tight spaces
  • Pliers black atramentised, head finely ground, handles covered with non-slip plastic
  • Net weight 340 g, length 220 mm

The head shape enables frontal pressing.

Comfortable work thanks to the side jaw.

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