00 20 72 V06 | Mini Cobra® x Needle-Nose Combination Plier 145/150mm Combo Set 2pc + Tool Pouch

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Product Description

00 20 72 V06 Mini pliers set
For gripping, holding and cutting tasks, both large and small. KNIPEX Mini Cobra®: the high tech water pump pliers – adjustment directly on the workpiece at the press of a button; with fine adjustment for optimum adaptation to different workpiece sizes up to Ø 27 mm. Needle-nose combination pliers: ideal for working in hard-to-reach places thanks to the slender head shape with powerful, pointed jaws; with cutting edges for soft, medium hard and hard wire up to Ø 2 mm.
Content: 1 x 08 22 145 KNIPEX Needle-Nose Combination Pliers, 1 x 87 01 150 KNIPEX Cobra® High-tech Water Pump Pliers,

Technical attributes

 Length:159 mm
 Width:75 mm
 Height:54 mm
 Weight:375 g


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