00 20 72 V01 | Mini Cobra® x Pliers Wrench 125/150mm Combo Set 2pc + Tool Pouch

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00 20 72 V01 Mini pliers set
Tool bag made from durable polyester fabric, with hook-and-loop fastener and belt clip. Dimensions (W x H x D): 75 x 180 x 55 mm. self-service card/blister.
Content: 1 x 86 03 150 KNIPEX Pliers Wrench pliers and a wrench in a single tool, 1 x 87 01 125 KNIPEX Cobra® High-tech Water Pump Pliers,

Technical attributes

 Length:160 mm
 Width:75 mm
 Height:52 mm
 Weight:345 g

Detailed description

KNIPEX 00 20 72 V01 mini pliers set

This mini pliers set from KNIPEX is suitable for mechanics and technicians who want to have their tools quickly to hand during installation and servicing jobs. The set contains the KNIPEX 86 03 150 mini pliers wrench, which combines pliers and a wrench in a single tool. The high-tech KNIPEX Cobra 87 01 125 water pump pliers are also included. These compact versions of the KNIPEX pliers prove to be extremely resilient tools in everyday work.

Pliers sets from KNIPEX

KNIPEX also offers tools for professional users in convenient sets. These are available, for example, with foam trays for toolboxes, in tool rolls or in belt pouches. Tradespeople can thus use them in line with their purpose of use. Tool sets represent significant buying incentives for retailers.

Short overview

  • Tool bag made of strong polyester fabric, hook-and-loop fastener, belt clip
  • Attractive cardboard packaging with self-service perforation
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 70 x 170 x 50 mm

Confined spaces and small workpieces are no problem. Industrial compression fittings are also easy to handle.

The mini vice under the pliers wrenches: Small workpieces can always be held securely.

Flat, round and angular workpieces of different sizes can be gripped by means of a self-locking mechanism.

A firm grip at all times, even on very small workpieces.

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