00 20 09 V02 | Cobra® Water Pump Plier Set 3pc

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Product Description

00 20 09 V02 KNIPEX Cobra® Set
Attractive sales packaging with Euro standard perforation. Tools in a plastic deep-drawn tray with transparent lid. Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 x 370 x 40 mm. pliers grey atramentized, handles with non-slip plastic coating. self-service card/blister.
Content: 1 x 87 01 180 KNIPEX Cobra® High-tech Water Pump Pliers, 1 x 87 01 250 KNIPEX Cobra® High-tech Water Pump Pliers, 1 x 87 01 300 KNIPEX Cobra® High-tech Water Pump Pliers,

Technical attributes

370 mm
170 mm
36 mm
1220 g

Detailed description

KNIPEX 00 20 09 V02 Cobra package

Three common sizes of the KNIPEX Cobra high-tech water pump pliers in an attractive sales packaging: eye-catcher and buying incentive for shop windows and counter presentation. Three high-tech water pump pliers made of chrome vanadium electric steel: adjustment on the workpiece at the touch of a button, fine adjustment, self-locking effect on nuts and pipes, pinch guard, box joint. Sales packaging with self-service perforation.

Short overview

  • KNIPEX Cobra 87 01 180 (180 mm), 87 01 250 (250 mm) and 87 01 300 (300 mm)
  • Attractive vacuum-formed plastic package with a transparent lid
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 x 370 x 40 mm

KNIPEX tool sets for retailers

KNIPEX develops tools for professional users. Sales packaging from KNIPEX is a valuable sales aid for retailers. The various sets are made up in such a way that tradespeople obtain useful extensions to their tool inventory. Also ideal as a gift when starting a workshop or passing a master tradesman exam.

The pliers can be fine-adjusted conveniently and quickly using the practical push button.

Can be adjusted quickly and precisely on the workpiece.

The special jaw geometry enables a self-locking effect. This ensures that the pliers have a secure hold on the workpiece even under high loads.

Whether flat, round or angular workpieces of different sizes, the pliers grip them with a self-locking mechanism.

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