Halder | SUPERCRAFT Soft-Face Mallet | Non-Rebound + Break-Proof Steel Tube Handle - (Various Sizes)

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Product Description

The tubular head of the SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallets is filled with steel shot. The resulting effect is that the energy of the steel shot is transferred with a slight delay when the mallet's contact surface hits the workpiece. The reduced rebound allows the impact energy to be absorbed with perfect efficiency. The result is impact of exceptional magnitude. What is more, SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallets allow for work with greatly improved safety, reduced strain on the joints and greater noise-dampening when compared to ordinary steel mallets.

The replaceable inserts offer outstanding impact qualities and are guaranteed to combine maximum strength with unique durability. They consist of extruded and extremely homogeneous material. Compared to injection moulded plastic inserts, they are therefore considerably more wear-resistant and durable and will never chip even in sub-zero temperatures.

This version comes with a break-proof steel tube handle and an ergonomically shaped non-slip rubber grip.

All weld joints are completely robot-welded. Extremely tight and of premium quality, a welded connection between impact plate and hammer head keeps the steel shot filling from escaping even under maximum load. The wear-resistant powder coating prevents corrosion.

This version is available in sizes ranging from D25mm to D70mm.

Product features:

  • Non-rebound, for extra powerful strikes.
  • Noise-dampening and gentle on the joints.
  • Inserts made of special nylon with maximum strength.
  • Break-proof steel tube handle with ergonomic non-slip rubber grip.
  • Completely robot-welded.
  • Inserts replaceable.
  • Wear-resistant powder coating prevents corrosion.

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