Halder | SIMPLEX Soft-Face Mallet | Cast Steel Housing + Wooden Handle - (Various Inserts + Sizes)

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Insert Type: TPE-Soft + TPE-Mid
Size: 30mm
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Product Description

The SIMPLEX series 3012 is available with the popular insert combination of TPE-soft / rubber composition. The blue TPE-soft insert (series 3201) is the softest insert of the SIMPLEX line and offers strong impact cushioning for work requiring a light touch. Unlike conventional rubber mallets, it does not leave behind any undesired black marring.

Ultra low-wear, impact cushioning and odourless, the medium hard rubber insert (series 3202) offers a much longer service life than a conventional rubber hammer.

Made of cast iron, the housing comes with an integrated handle protection sleeve that provides for a high level of break resistance.

The long-fibre and ultra durable hickory handle is varnished and shaped ergonomically.

In line with the smart SIMPLEX principle, all components are replaceable and can be retrofitted. This translates to savings in both money and resources.

Measuring 3,205g, and 80cm in total weight and total length, respectively, this sledge hammer is available in D80mm and as a sledge hammer including rubber insert with “stand-up” (3012.281).

Product features:

  • SIMPLEX soft-face mallet with the insert combination of TPE-soft (blue, soft, no marring) / rubber composition(black, medium hard, impact cushioning, odourless, low-wear).
  • Cast iron housing with integrated handle protection sleeve and excellent break resistance.
  • High-quality, vibration-damping, and ergonomically shaped wooden handle; grip area with double coat of varnish (resistant to dirt).
  • All parts can be replaced / retrofitted, resulting in great savings in cost and resources.

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