Halder | SIMPLEX Soft-Face Mallet | Cast Steel Housing + Extra-Short Wooden Handle

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Product Description

This SIMPLEX soft-face mallet comes with an extra short handle. The compact design keeps the end of the handle from hitting the ground - for instance during paving work.

Offering an insert combination of rubber composition / superplastic, the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet D80mm is an indispensable companion for a large number of applications. This top seller made by Halder has now been developed further:

Boasting an ingenious shape, the rubber insert with “Stand-Up” (3202.260) allows the hammer to stand securely on its head and reduces the need to bend over, making it possible to work in a much more ergonomic and back-friendly manner. Ultra low-wear, impact cushioning and odourless, the proven rubber blend offers a much longer service life than a conventional rubber hammer.

The superplastic insert (series 3207) allows for a more powerful impact force than the rubber insert. It is a medium hard plastic insert made of extruded and extremely homogeneous material. Compared to injection moulded plastic inserts, it is therefore considerably more wear-resistant and durable.

Made of cast iron, the housing comes with an integrated handle protection sleeve that provides for a high level of break resistance.

Damping vibrations and shaped ergonomically, the high-quality and extra short wooden handle has a double coat of varnish in the grip area and is thus resistant to dirt.

In line with the smart SIMPLEX principle, all components are replaceable and can be retrofitted. This translates to savings in both money and resources.

Product features:

  • Further development of Halder’s top seller: The rubber insert with “stand-up” (art. no. 3202.280) ensures back-friendly working and reduces the need to bend over.
  • SIMPLEX soft-face mallet D80mm with the insert combination of rubber composition with “stand-up” (black, medium hard, impact cushioning, odourless, low-wear) / superplastic (white, medium hard, very durable).
  • Extra short handle, end of handle not hitting the ground.
  • High-quality, vibration-damping, and ergonomically shaped wooden handle; grip area with double coat of varnish (resistant to dirt).
  • Cast iron housing with integrated handle protection sleeve and excellent break resistance.
  • All parts can be replaced / retrofitted, resulting in great savings in cost and resources.

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