Halder | SIMPLEX 2-in-1 Splitting Axe + Soft-Face Mallet | Cast Iron Housing + Hickory Handle - (Various Styles)

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Product Description

Combining two tools into one, a splitting axe and a soft-face mallet of the highest professional quality, Halder's SIMPLEX splitting axes offer a significant savings in cost compared to the individual purchases of the tools. The top-tier quality of the product has been confirmed by the committee for forestry work and forestry technology (KWF). The total weight is 2,700g.

The drop-forged and hardened axe blade is ground and polished. Its slender shape makes it ideal for splitting coniferous wood. 

The superplastic insert with D50mm is a medium hard plastic insert made of extruded and extremely homogeneous material. Compared to injection moulded plastic inserts, it is therefore considerably more wear-resistant and durable. Using the soft side when wedging the wood open entirely eliminates the risk of injury from metal splinters. What is more, the service life of plastic and aluminium wedges is extended substantially.

Made of cast iron, the housing comes with an integrated handle protection sleeve that provides for a high level of break resistance.

The long-fibre and ultra durable hickory handle is varnished and shaped ergonomically. 

The leather cutting protection prevents injury during transport.

In line with the smart SIMPLEX principle, all components are replaceable and can be retrofitted. This translates to savings in both money and resources.

Product features:

  • 2 tools in 1: Splitting axe plus soft-face mallet, considerably less costly than buying the tools individually.
  • The drop-forged axe blade with its thin shape is ideal for splitting coniferous wood.
  • No risk of injury from metal splinters when wedging wood open thanks to the superplastic insert in D50mm (white, medium hard, and very durable).
  • Significantly improved service life of plastic and aluminium wedges.
  • Gentle driving of wooden stakes.
  • Cast iron housing with integrated handle protection sleeve and excellent break resistance.
  • Long-fibre and ultra durable hickory handle, varnished and shaped ergonomically.
  • All parts can be replaced / retrofitted, resulting in great savings in cost and resources.
  • Including leather cutting protection.
  • Total weight of 2,700g.

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