B & W | energy.case PRO1500 - (Various Power + Colours)

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Product Description

the B&W energy.case is the Power Outlet for ON THE GO.

The energy.case PRO1500 is characterized by its compact design and low weight. It is also hermetically sealed and waterproof to an IP65 rating. 

The energy.case PRO1500 supplies 230v and either USB or a fully stabilized DC Voltage.

This makes it possible to operate devices directly on to the energy.case PRO1500 without using a power supply unit. 

Like all B & W devices, the energy.case PRO1500 is robust, durable and has already proven itself hundreds of times in use. 

All important components in this energy.case are mounted in rubber dampers that absorb shocks and vibrations. The device is designed as an isolating transformer so that earthing is not necessary. 

Thanks to the precise sine wave at the 230v output, even sensitive devices can be operated on the energy.case PRO1500.


Weight : 24.4kg

Dimensions: 535mm (L) x 360mm (W) x 225mm (D)

Battery : LiFePo4

Battery Capacity : 1500Wh w/ 150Wh Reserve

Sealing : IP65


Output Power : 300W or 500W

Output Voltages :

  • 230V / 50Hz AC
  • 5 - 48V DC
  • USB w/ 2.5amp (not individual)

Ambient Temperature : -20°C to +45°C


Charging Sources :

  • Solar Cell
  • Car Connection
  • Truck Connection
  • Power Supply Unit (optional available)

Charge Control : MPPT (Maximization of Solar Power) / Car Battery Protection (Protects the Car Battery from Deep Discharge).

Parallel Operation : Permanently Possible (Charging + Discharging Simultaneously)

Developed, manufactured and programmed in Germany : the energy.case meets the HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS.


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