97 52 65 DG | Four-Mandrel Crimping Pliers

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Product Description

  • For crimping turned contacts.
  • Four-mandrel crimping for top-quality crimp connections.
  • Mandrel gauge to check the basic setting.
  • Repetitive, high crimping quality due to ratchet mechanism (unlockable).
  • Optimum transmission of force due to highly effective lever action for fatigue-reduced operation.
  • High operation comfort thanks to handy shape.
  • Crimping capacity can be adjusted in increments of 0.01mm.
  • With digital display of the preset crimping capacities and possibility of re-calibration via RESET function with electronic wear monitoring.
  • Adjustment in mm, inches or comparable selection positions according to MIL.
  • With table for calculating the settings.
  • Pliers in a plastic case with foam insert and standard locator for precise positioning of the contacts.

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