90 25 25 - Pipe cutter for composite and plastic pipes

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Product Description

  • Up to 60% less effort: the freely rotating cutting wheel allows the pipe to be rotated with minimal friction when cutting
  • Optimum cutting results: the rotation allows the cutting wheel to penetrate the pipe effortlessly with minimal deformation
  • Wide plastic supports allow perfect right-angled cuts
  • Cuts aluminium composite and plastic conduit pipes more easily than conventional shears with a fixed blade
  • Also suitable for composite pipes with increased aluminium layer thickness (e.g. Geberit Mepla)
  • For cutting composite and plastic pipes up to Ø 26 mm
  • Allows for very short correction sections
  • With locking mechanism for safe transport
  • With ergonomic multi-component handles
  • Spare cutting wheel available (Art. No. 90 25 25 E01)

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