41 04 300 | Locking Grip Pliers - 300mm

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41 04 300 Grip Pliers
Hold round, profile and flat material securely. Heavy duty model. With adjustment screw and release lever. One-hand operation. High clamping pressure due to toggle lever action.
  • Clamping width round: 65mm
  • Clamping width square: 30mm
  • Clamping width hexagon: 34mm
  • Technical attributes

     Length:230 mm
     Width:65 mm
     Height:17 mm
     Weight:517 g

    Detailed description

    41 04 250 grip pliers 250 mm

    You want to weld two metal parts together or hold a workpiece securely when working on it? With the Knipex 41 04 250 grip pliers, you have at least one hand free. The pliers, made of high-strength rolled steel, feature a semi-circular gripping mouth in the forged gripping jaws and straight contact surfaces at the tip of the pliers. Fine adjustment can be carried out via the adjusting screw. The toggle lever action develops a high clamping pressure. It can be opened with one hand using the release lever.

    Grip pliers from Knipex. In a wide variety of sizes. Always useful

    Grip pliers are available from Knipex in various sizes and with different functions. All of these grip pliers have one feature in common: embossed Knipex lettering. This stands for high-quality materials and workmanship. Ideal conditions for long tool life.

    Short overview

    • High-quality grip pliers for professional applications
    • Clamping capacities: round 40 mm / square 20 mm / hex 30 mm
    • Net weight 517 g, length 250 mm

    The toggle lever action guarantees high clamping pressure.

    The gripping jaws hold round, profile and flat material securely.

    Versatile with integrated wire cutter.

    With set screw and release lever for comfortable work.

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