00 19 55 S5 | Cobra® Water Pump Pliers Set 5pc + Tool Roll

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The product which needs no introduction, the Knipex 87 01 Series Cobra® Water Pump Pliers have been around since 1984, and it features a patented design.


Key Features:

  • Push button for adjustment of different sizes.
  • Self locking mechanism.
  • Gripping teeth hardened to approximately 61HRC using high frequency for a secure grip and a long service life (60HRC for MiniXS).
  • High level of user comfort due to constant hand-friendly gripping position resulting from fine adjustment.
  • Grips flat, round and angled components.
  • Sits firmly in the hand thanks to non-slip handles.

Includes :

1 x 125mm

1 x 150mm

1 x 180mm

1 x 250mm

1 x 300mm

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